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My name is Ira. As you may know I am the inventor of the K9 CarFence based in Philadelphia, PA. What you likely don’t know is how seriously I take the safety of puppies of all ages in cars, our product and customer service. My inspiration in making K9 CarFence happen were my two bestest puppies, Little Bear and Peanut. They traveled with me everyday safe and sound in the K9 CarFence all around Philadelphia.

With the K9 CarFence I’ve worked very hard to make it the best and safest dog product I can. When I think about the meaning of “best and safest dog product” I’m not thinking about making money for myself. But, I am thinking about how best to protect our precious puppies from being hurt in unfortunate sudden stops while in a car.

The result, I think is superior dogs safety in everyday dog travel.

We have gone the extra-mile in making sure the K9 CarFence is extremely safe for our puppies traveling in cars. From our patented design to our selection of premium materials to investing and passing an independent crash test.

I am including easy contact information below. Please don’t hesitate to use it. I will typically respond the same day but for sure within 2 business days.

Thanks again for for your interest in the K9 CarFence.

Regards & Keep Your Dogs Safe
Ira Stahl

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