Safe Car Rides for Your Furry Companion

Tired of worrying about your dog’s safety while driving? You’ll never need to again with a comfortable and easy-to-use K9 CarFence!

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~Free Shipping all of February~

How It Works

Simple Installation

Fits front or back passenger seats in 99% of cars.

Easy to install, no tools required.

Secure the Front

To use in the front seat, the front clips will attach to your cars visor.

If using in the back seat, attach front clips to the door handrail.

Zip Up Fence Walls

Encourage your pup into the seat with the K9 CarFence in place.

Simply zip the fence walls around your K9 friend to secure them inside.

Enjoy the Ride!

No more hassling with uncomfortable harnesses, cages or booster seats.

With the K9 CarFence, your dog will never be in danger or discomfort again!

See How It Works

K9 CarFence is Crash-Test Proven. See it in Action

* Tested for Dogs up to 45 lbs *

The K9 CarFence is Perfect for Any Situation!

Invented & Designed in the USA by a Dog Lover

~Free Shipping all of February~

Happy Owners Are Thrilled About Their K9 CarFence!

Looking For a Harness-Free Alternative? Have Too Many Pups To Handle?

K9 CarFence Makes Traveling With Your Furry Friends Safe and Easy!

K9 CarFence TLC 2X v2.0

  • Tested for dogs up to 45 lbs

  • Adjustable height

  • Fits front or back seats in 99% of cars

  • Easy to install, no tools required

  • Easy to clean

  • No dog harness necessary

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~Free Shipping all of February~

31 Day Money Back Guarantee

Give your loving friend the safety and comfort they deserve.

Your Peace of Mind Awaits!

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